About Wave Capital

Wave is a venture firm that specializes in marketplaces.

From hiring an early team, to finding product-market fit and raising a strong series A, our firm is designed to be the only partner founders need as they get up and running.

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Sara Adler

Sara brings a blend of both venture and operator experience to the Wave team. Following an early stint in VC as part of Menlo Ventures, she dove into the startup world, joining Facebook as an early member of their corporate development team. Over 6 subsequent years, she built the corp dev teams at Dropbox and Airbnb and led over 30 acquisitions.

Riley Newman

Riley brings expertise in data science and marketplace dynamics to Wave. As one of Airbnb's first 10 employees, he built its Data Science team over his 6 year journey at the company and was instrumental in shaping the $30 billion business at the time of his departure.